J. W. Ullmann Center for Manufacturing Systems & Robotics

Head: Prof. Izhak Bucher
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Academic Staff:  Z. Palmor, A. Fischer, M. Shpitalni, Y. Halevi,  S. Gutman, M. Shoham, R. Katz, E. Zussman,I. Bucher, E. Rimon, L. Mirkin, M. Zacksenhouse, I. Or, A. Wolf


  • Bio-Dynamics and Mechanics of Locomotion Laboratory

    The laboratory studies the nonlinear dynamics and control of locomotion systems, with applications to biological motility and bio-medical applications. The research will focus on three main programs: Dynamics and control of micro-swimmers: The motion of microorganisms, bacteria and sperm cells... Read More

  • Biomechanical Interfaces Group

    We study the biomechanical interface between the human body and biomedical devices such as prosthetics and orthotics. Our main goal is to develop and optimize patient-specific devices in order to improve patient comfort, health, and function. To achieve this, we... Read More

  • CAD & Life Cycle Engineering Laboratory

    The CAD and LCE laboratory activities focus on teaching and research in the expanding field of computerized design. The teaching activities include courses in concepts and methods in CAD systems, advanced CAD methods and computational geometry, as well as annual... Read More

  • Development of Assistive Technology for the Physically Challenged Population

    Assistive technologies enable physically challenged people to manage independently in a variety of environments, for example, enabling elderly people to remain in their own homes instead of moving to nursing homes, and make it easier and safer for them to... Read More

  • Dynamics & Mechatronics Laboratory

    The Laboratory investigates Dynamics and vibrations in mechanical systems. Areas of research: Vibration, Ultrasonic vibration, acoustic levitation, rotating structure dynamics, model identification, parametric excitation and nonlinear... Read More

  • Info-Gap Theory and Its Applications

    Info-gap theory is a methodology for supporting model-based decisions under severe uncertainty. An info-gap is a disparity between what is known, and what needs to be known in order to make a comprehensive and reliable decision. An info-gap is resolved... Read More

  • Manufacturing Systems Laboratory

    The Manufacturing Systems Laboratory conducts research in the fabrication and characterization of nanostructures. Current research activities include investigations in: electrospinning of functionalized nanostructures, thermo-mechanical properties of nanostructures, development of vascular bed and... Read More

  • Medical Robotics Laboratory (Mrl)

    The D. Dan & Betty Kahn Medical Robotics Laboratory: Building a Medical Revolution Not often do technology, basic science and inspiration come together to create a new medical paradigm – a new way of thinking that will dramatically change the... Read More

  • Robot Navigation Laboratory

    Sensor based navigation of mobile robots, area coverage algorithms for mobile robots, navigation and control of multi-legged robots, workpiece fixturing... Read More

  • Sensory Motor Integration Laboratory

    The Laboratory focuses on biologically inspired sensory motor integration in dexterous manipulation. The research is focused on: Brain Machine Interfaces... Read More

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