“Brakim” excellence program

“Brakim” is a student excellence program in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The latest in a series of joint Israel Defense Forces (IDF)/Technion academic initiatives.

Like other students in the “Atuda” (academic reserve program), “Brakim” participants will complete their undergraduate degrees and apply their education during their military service. This elite crew’s program is especially ambitious and accelerated with the aim of completing both a B.Sc. and M.Sc (with thesis) degrees in Mechanical Engineering. They will work on their master’s theses through projects selected for their military service. The program graduates serves as technological leaders in the IDF.

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Contact info –

“Brakim” army administration
Tel: 03-7374941, Fax: 03-7374947
Email: brakimprogram@gmail.com

“Brakim” academic referent
Rene Van-Hout
Tel: +972-77-887-3866
Email: rene@technion.ac.il