CAD & Life Cycle Engineering Laboratory

Laboratory Head: Professor Anath Fischer
Location: LD, 353-356
Phone: 8293155, 8292396, 8293260

The CAD and LCE laboratory activities focus on teaching and research in the expanding field of computerized design.
The teaching activities include courses in concepts and methods in CAD systems, advanced CAD methods and computational geometry, as well as annual final projects in the field of CAD/CAM and industrial applications. Some projects are with industrial cooperation.
Research is expanding in two new directions. One is the emerging field of Engineering Oriented Geometry (EOG), which comprises new and extended geometric modeling methods directly related to the common inherent engineering attributes of design, analysis and additive manufacturing. In effect, EOG can be viewed as an extension of geometric modeling for engineering design. Due to its holistic approach, its applications are much broader than those of geometric modeling and include bio-mechanics, topology optimization and bio-medical applications.
Another research direction is in the field of knowledge management, particularly in applications involving PLM and product life cycle, knowledge-based manufacturing, geometrical modeling and its applications to the different life cycle stages.
The CAD and LCE laboratory research program focuses on 3D data processing from scanners and 3D cameras, CAD/CAM and their applications, with major emphasis on geometrical modeling and its applications to design, process planning, inspection, registration and man-machine interfaces and additive manufacturing. Our graduate students have investigated topics such as the reconstruction of a 3D model, surface design with geometrical and physical constraints, and design for additive manufacturing.