Alon Wolf

Full CV
Office: 212, DK

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  • 1995 - B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Technion - I.I.T., Israel
  • 1998 - M.Sc.,Mechanical Engineering, Technion - I.I.T., Israel
  • 2002 - Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Technion - I.I.T., Israel

Research Interests

  • Fundamental kinematics.
  • Kinematic synthesis and design of mechanisms.
  • Medical robotics.
  • Biomechanics.
  • Hyper redundant (snake) robots.

Guest Appointments

  • 2004-current   University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine;Department of Surgery Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • 2003-current   ICAOS-Institute for Computer Assisted Orthopedic Surgery, West Penn Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA Research Scientist
  • 2003-current   The Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA Adjunct Faculty
  • 2002-2003; Mechanical Engineering Departement , Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh,PA Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Honors and Awards

  • Best Paper Award- Biorob 2006, IEEE Internationl Conference on Biorobotics and Biomechatronics (2006).
  • Awarded for high academic achievements by the dean of graduate study, Technion Israel (2001)
  • Teaching Assistant Award for Consistent Excellency, Technion, Israel (1999)
  • Teaching Assistant Award for Excellency, Technion Israel (1995)
  • Excellency Scholarship, Technion Israel (1995-2002)
  • Technion's President Excellency for High Academic Achievements, Technion  Israel (1995)
  • Enlisted on the dean's list, Technion Israel (1994)

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