Retired Faculty Member Abraham Ber


Abraham Ber


  • 1954 – B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Technion – I.I.T.
  • 1957 – M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Technion – I.I.T.
  • 1964 – D.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Technion – I.I.T.

Research Iaterests

  • Metal Cutting:
    • Tool material behavior
    • Basic phenomenon in tool wear
    • Machining of high-temperature alloys
    • Material processing (turning, milling, drilling)
  • Basic Problems in Surface-Integrity
  • Mechanical Measurement and Quality Control
  • Computer Integrated  Manufacturing, In-Process Measurement
  • Tool Management in Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Guest Appointments

  • Wayne State University, Department of Industrial Engineering, Detroit, MI (1994)
  • Ford Motor Co., Engine Division, Dearborn, MI (1993)
  • Alfa, Research Division of Ford Motor Co., Redford, MI (1991-1992)
  • Univ. of Michigan & Industrial Technology Institute (1984-1986)
  • Scientific Laboratories, Ford Motor Co. (1977-1978, 1979)
  • Manager, Product Testing Laboratory, General Electric Company, Detroit, MI (1968-1971)

Public Professional Activities

  • Member of the Editorial Board of “The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology” Published by Springer, London, U.K.
  • Member of the Editorial Board of “The International Journal for Manufacturing Science and Production” Published by Freund Publishing House Ltd. London, England.
  • Coordinator of the ITI/CRIM seminar series, sponsored by the Industrial Technology Institute and the College of Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann-Arbor (1985-1986)
  • Chairman of Standardization of Cutting Tools of the Israel Standards Institute (1980-1989)
  • Representative of Israel in International Standardization Organization committees (1979-1986)
  • Head of The J. W. Ullman Center for Manufacturing Systems & Robotics (1979-1981)
  • Head of Material Processing Laboratory and the Center of Machine Tool and Material Processing (1976-1977, 1979-1981)
  • Member of the United Nations Committee for Industrial Development for Developing Countries (1966)

Membership in Professional Societies

  • ASME
  • SME
  • CIRP

Honors and Awards

  • Best Teacher Award in Mechanical Engineering (1994)
  • SME, Elected to the College of Fellows (1991)
  • ASME, Elected  Fellow Member (October 1987)
  • SME, Elected Senior Member (1983)

Selected Publications

  • R. Werthheim, J. Rotberg, A. Ber. Influence of High Pressure Flushing Through the Rake Face of the Cutting Tool. CIRP Annals, Vol. 41/1  pp.101-106, August 1992.
  • R. Werthheim, R. Satran, A. Ber. Modification of the Cutting Edge Geometry and Chip Formation in Milling. CIRP Annals 43/1 pp.63-68 1994.
  • J. Rotberg, S. Shoval A. Ber Fast Evaluation of Cutting Forces in  Milling, Applying on Approximate Models, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 13/1, pp17-26 1997.
  • Lopatokhin I. A. Ber, Accuracy and Strength of a Joint, Loaded by Suddenly Applied Torque.  International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 13/1, pp 692-695, 1997.
  • J. Rotberg, S. Shoval A. Ber, Tool Monitoring in High Speed Machining with Silicon Carbide Tools. CIRP-Journal of Mnufacturing Systems  Vol. 26No. 4, pp 221-227, 1997.
  • Lopatokhin I., Leiderman, M., A. Ber, Yarnitzky, Y., Analysis of the Diamond Sawing Process. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 14/6, 385-389, 1998.
  • Lopatokhin I. A. Ber, J. Rotberg, Analysis and Optimization of the Contact Pressure Distribution Berween an Insert and its Pocket Due to the Clamping Action. International Journal for Manufacturing Science andProduction,  2/1,  pp 17-25, 1999.
  • V. Butler, Lopatokhin I. A. Ber, Relation Between Contact and Volume Deformations of the Pallat and their Effect on the Error of Workpiece Placement in a Flexible Manufacturing Cell,  CIRP-Journal of Manufacturing Systems, Vol. 29, No. 6,  pp 539-543 1999.
  • Lopatukhin I. Talybov R. and Ber A. Improvement of thin walled cylindrical workpiece machining accuracy by means of control programs.  The Internatuonal Journal for Manufacturing Science & Production  Vol  3, No 1, pp  -11.  2000.