Dean’s Message

Dear Friends,

Our absolute commitment to the future of the Mechanical Engineering discipline in Israel drives us to work persistently, while exploiting all possible venues, to ensure the quality of the next generation of Mechanical Engineers in Industry and Academia, and the relative advantage of Israel’s Industry in today’s competitive market place. This ongoing effort is expressed through the launch of various new programs, and of note amongst these, is the Industrial Affiliates Program (IAP), which aims to spearhead Faculty-Industrial relations efforts. Leading companies such as Rafael and HP are already part of this program focusing on exploiting opportunities in the sphere between Academia and Industry.

The Technion’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is Israel’s leading academic Mechanical Engineering establishment (ranked as an equivalent to one of the top ten Mechanical Engineering Faculties in the US), where in an innovative setting Israel’s best-and-brightest engage in cutting-edge technology, teaching and research in fields such as: Robotics, Control, Dynamical Systems, Mechatronics, Mechanics of Materials and Micro-Systems, Reliability, Design, Production and CAD, Biomechanics, Optical Engineering and Computational Mechanics.

Faculty alumni hold top positions in the civil, defense and academia sectors, and the faculty is home to 3 main research centers with some 35 research labs, 40 researchers, and over 1000 undergraduate and graduate students.

All indicators point to the fact that Israel’s industry is experiencing a new boost of confidence and recovery. The Technion’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has always maintained the highest standards as far as student admittance and training, through good and bad times, and therefore, can now provide Israel’s industry with the finest human resources.

I invite industrial companies, both domestic and foreign based, to join our Industrial Affiliates Program and to take advantage of the favorable market conditions to establish long term relations of collaboration with the faculty.

Looking forward to a fruitful collaboration,

Sincerely yours,

Pinhas Z. Bar-Yoseph
Professor (Dean 2009-2014)