Prof. Emeritus Sol R. Bodner


Sol R. Bodner

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  • 1950 – B.C.E., Civil Engineering, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn.
  • 1953 – M.S., Mathematics, New York University, Courant Institute of Mathematics.
  • 1955 – Ph.D., Applied Mechanics, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn

Research Interests

  • Constitutive modelling of elastic-viscoplastic behavior of materials;
  • Material behavior at high strain rates;
  • Analysis of ballistic penetration and perforation;
  • Representation of creep and damage development in rock salt;
  • Viscoelasticity.

Academic Appointments

  • On professorial staff of Brown University, Providence, RI, USA (1956-1964)

Guest Appointments

  • Visiting Professor, U. California, Berkeley (1970)
  • Visiting Professor, U. Illinois, Urbana (1975, 1979)
  • Visiting Professor, ETH-Zurich, Switzerland (1983, 1990, 1994)
  • Visiting Professor, Kyoto U., Japan (1988)

Public Professional Activities

  • Head, Material Mechanics Laboratory

Honors and Awards

  • Rothschild Prize for Engineering (1982)
  • Markus Reiner Chair in Mechanics and Rheology

Selected Publications

  • S.R. Bodner, “A lower bound on bifurcation buckling of viscoplastic structures”, Acta Mechanica [Suppl] 3, Springer-Verlag, Pub. 1992, pp 181-190, (1992).
  • K.S. Chan, S.R. Bodner, A.F. Fossum and D.E. Munson, “A constitutive model for inelastic flow and damage evolution in solids under triaxial compression”, Mechanics of Materials, Vol. 14, pp 1-14, (1992).
  • M. Ravid, S.R. Bodner and I. Holcman, “Penetration into thick targets – refinement of a 2D dynamic plasticity approach”, International Journal of Impact Engineering, Vol. 15, pp 491-499, (1994).
  • S.R. Bodner and M.B. Rubin, “Modeling of hardening at very high strain rates”, Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 76, pp 2742-2747, (1994).
  • M. Ravid, S.R. Bodner, and I. Holcman, “A two-dimensional analysis of penetration by an eroding projectile”, International Journal of Impact Engineering, Vol. 15, pp 587-603, (1994).
  • K.S. Chan, N.S. Brodsky, A.F. Fossum S.R. Bodner and D.E.Munson, “Damage induced nonassociated inelastic flow in rock salt”, International Journal of Plasticity, Vol. 10, pp 623-642, (1994).
  • S.R. Bodner and A. Lindenfeld, “Constitutive modelling of the stored energy of cold work under cyclic loading”, European Journal of Mechanics/A Solids (in press).
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