דניאל ריטל

דניאל ריטל
חברי סגל
Full CV
חדר: 223, DK

The Zandman Chair in Experimental Mechanics Head, Material Mechanics Center


  • 1979 - B.Sc., Materials Engineering, Ben Gurion University, Beer-Sheba.
  • 1983 - M.Sc., Materials Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • 1988 - Ph.D., Materials Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Research Interests

  • Experimental Mechanics.
  • Fracture mechanics (static and dynamic, damage).
  • Mechanical properties of materials.
  • Mechanical metallurgy.
  • Failure analysis of materials & mechanical systems.
  • Dental biomechanics
  • Geophysics.

Guest Appointments

  • Feb. 2017, AIANI Fellow, University of Innsbruck
  • Sept 2011-2012 , Catedra de Excellencia, University Carlos III Madrid, Dept. of Continuum Mechanics and Structures.
  • 08/2001-present, Visiting Associate, California Institute of Technology, Graduate Aeronautical Laboratories, Pasadena, CA
  • 08/2006-08/2007, Clark B. Millikan Visiting Professor in Aeronautics, California Institute of Technology, Graduate Aeronautical Laboratories, Pasadena, CA

Public Professional Activities

Membership in Professional Societies

  • ASME
  • ESIS
  • SEM

Honors and Awards

  • 2018, B. Lazan Award, Society of Experimental Mechanics for “seminal contributions to the scientific and technological understanding of behavior of materials under extreme loading conditions”
  • 2017,  Hershel Rich Technion Innovation Award (with Assoc. Prof. N. Drimer)
  • 2017, AIANI Fellow and Guest Professor (2 weeks), University of Innsbruck
  • 2015, Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).
  • 2015, Gili Agostinelli Prize (The International Gili Agostinelli Prize for pure or applied mechanics, mathematics applied to the physical, natural and engineering sciences as well as biological and medical sciences). Torino Academy of Sciences.
  • 2013, Honorary Professor, Univ. Carlos III, Madrid, Spain
  • 2013, Cooper Prize for academic excellence
  • 2012, Fellow, Society of Experimental Mechanics
  • 2011-2012, Chair of Excellence (6 months), Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, Spain
  • 2009, Lt. Gen. A. Peled Research Fund for armor related subjects, Technion
  • 2009, The Zandman Institute Chair in Experimental Mechanics, Technion
  • 2006-2007, Clark B. Millikan Chair in Aeronautics, Caltech, USA.
  • 2005, Lt. Gen. A. Peled Research Fund for armor related subjects, Technion
  • 2002, A. Goldberg Research Prize, Technion
  • 1988, Elected to represent Israeli research students at SAMPE European Chapter Conference, Milano, Italy
  • 1982, Fellowship in the memory of Professor A.S. Tetelman, HUJ.

  • R. Korabi, K. Shemtov-Yona, A. Dorogoy and D. Rittel, (2017), “The failure envelope concept applied to the bone-dental implant system”, Scientifc Reports, 7, 2051.
  • Y. Rotbaum, G. Parvari, Y. Eichen and D. Rittel, (2017), “Static and Dynamic Large Strain Properties of Methyl Cellulose Hydrogels”, in press Macromolecules.
  • D. Rittel, LH. Zhang and S. Osovski, (2017), “The dependence of the Taylor-Quinney coefficient on the dynamic loading mode”, J. Mech. Phys. Solids, 107, 96-114
  • D. Rittel, P. Landau and A. Venkert, (2008), "Dynamic recrystallization as a potential cause for adiabatic shear failure", Physical Review Letters, 101 (16), 165501.

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