System for imaging tympanic membrane vibrations- optic and optomechanical design

Location: Auditorium 1 D.Dan & Betty Kahn Bldg
Lecturer: רותם יעקובי - Rotem Yacoby
1:30 pm

In this project the purpose was to develop a medical device, a probe, to conduct an otoscopic test. The test will provide a video imaging of tympanic membrane vibrations and will be used to diagnose hearing problems.

The method that has been implemented in this research is interferometric spectrally encoded endoscopy (ISEE), a technique capable of rapid video-rate imaging in 3D. The ISEE requires a probe in order to perform an otoscopic test and collect data from the patient ear. The probe developing required optic and optomechanical design, under various limitations and system requirements. After the design was done, the process of manufacture and calibration started.

The probe that was developed is operated with a single hand and characterize with lightweight, convenient central mass, and was easy to calibrate. Future work will test the prototype in clinical research..

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