Resonance Enhancement Optimization

Location: the seminar will be given by zoom :
Lecturer: איתי היימס
9:00 am


In this research we designed and fabricated the first spinning and levitating optical
resonator, we also present a record value of quality factor over mode volume.
In 1970 that Arthur Ashkin manage to use radiation pressure to make an optical trap which
his called optical tweezers, and for this contribution he received half of the 2018 physics
Noble price. Since than optical tweezers are wildly used in a variety of different
In the past, our lab group was able to achieve a record of quality factor over mode volume,
and in this research, we manage to set a new record of this parameter and experimentally
characterize is. It was achieved by spinning the droplet and reaching a higher level of
stability that also enable repeatability for the experiment. In addition to that we manage to
see the relation between the coupling efficiency to the gap between the drop and the
levitating spinning drop.
It is important to note that at this research we were the first to demonstrated a spin of a
levitating object, that the spin and the levitating are activated by the same optical trap, and
the first to fabricate a spinning levitated object at the micro-scale.

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