Prizes and scholarships 2015

On Thursday May 21, 2015 outstanding graduate and undergraduate students were awarded prizes and scholarships in a ceremony held at the faculty of Mechanical Engineering.
The festive ceremony in its new format brought together the donors, the graduate students and the undergraduate students for the first time.
The prizes and scholarships awarded were donated by leading companies in the industry such as KLA and HP , as well as by the following distinguished families :

  • The David Pnueli (z”l) & Olga Pnueli prize
  • The Aron & Ovadia Barazani (z”l) prize
  • The Roland Wiel (z”l) prize
  • The Mark Darlow(z”l) prize
  • The Ehud Yaron(z”l) prize
  • The Nadav Shoham(z”l) prize
  • The Sidney & Biatris Wollberg prize
  • The Jacob Glazer(z”l) prize

Many thanks to the donors and congratulations to all of the recipients!