Micro and Nanooptics Laboratory

Laboratory Head: Prof. Erez Hasman
Phone: 04-8292916

The Micro and Nanooptics Laboratory deals with nanoscale optics and manipulation of radiative heat transfer by use of nanoscale structures.
Lab is engaged in research and development of Polarization state manipulation, Subwavelength optical elements, Nanostructured optical elements, Nanophotonics, Nanooptics, Optical-metamaterial, Nanooptics and plasmonic sensors, Vectorial optics, Diffractive optics, Imaging polarimetry, Surface phonon and plasmon polaritons, Plasmonics, Near-field optics, Singular optics, Vectorial vortices, Geometric phase (Berry phase, Pancharatnam phase), Angular momentum of light, Spin-based plasmonics in nanostructures, Spin orbit interaction, Optical spin Hall effect, Dynamics of spinning light in nanoscale structures, Geometric symmetry breaking in nanoscale structures. Manipulation of a thermal emission, Thermodynamic in the near-field, Micro- and nanoscale radiative heat transfer, Coherent thermal emission, Surface waves in near-field thermodynamic (plasmons and phonon-polaritons).