Dana Solav

Dana Solav
Assistant Professor
Full CV
Office: 406, DK


  • 2016 – Ph.D. (direct track), Mechanical Engineering, Technion – I.I.T., Israel
  • 2006 – B.Sc., Geophysics, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Research Interests

  • Human body biomechanics
  • Mechanical interaction with medical devices
  • Simulation-based optimal design
  • Modeling the mechanical properties of tissues and materials
  • Design of subject-specific medical devices
  • Full-field shape and strain optical measurements

Guest Appointments

  • Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2017-2018)
  • Research Scientist, Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2019-2020)

Honors and Awards

  • IEEE Access Best Multimedia Award (2018)
  • MIT–Technion Postdoctoral Fellowship (2017)
  • Aharon and Ephraim Katzir Study Grant, The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities (2015)
  • The Irwin and Joan Jacobs PhD Fellowship (2015)
  • Sylvia and David Fine Excellence Scholarship for PhD Students (2014)
  • Miriam and Aaron Gutwirth Memorial Fellowship (2013)
  • The International Society of Biomechanics Student Congress Travel Grant (2013)
  • Leonard and Diane Sherman Interdisciplinary Graduate School Fellowship (2012)
  • Outstanding Oral Presentation, The 32nd Israeli Conference on Mechanical Engineering (2012)
  • Excellent Teaching Assistant Award, Technion – I.I.T  (2012-2016)
  • Dean Excellence Award, Tel-Aviv University (2004-2006)

  • Solav, D., Moerman, K., Jaeger, A., Herr. H., (2019). A Framework for Measuring the Time-varying Shape and Full-field Deformation of Residual Limbs using 3D Digital Image Correlation. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 66(10), 2740-2752.
  • Moerman, K., Solav, D., Sengeh, D., Herr. H. Automated and Data-driven Computational Design of Patient-Specific Transtibial Prosthetic Sockets. Preprint DOI: 10.31224/
  • Solav, D., Moerman, K., Jaeger, A., Genovese, K., Herr. H., (2018). MultiDIC: a MATLAB Toolbox for Multi-View 3D Digital Image Correlation. IEEE Access, 6, 30520-30535.
  • Solav, D., Meric, H., Rubin, M.B., Pradon, D., Lofaso, F., Wolf, A., (2017). Chest Wall Kinematics Using Triangular Cosserat Point Elements in Healthy and Neuromuscular Subjects. Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 45(8), 1963-1973.
  • Solav, D., Camomilla, V., Cereatti, A., Barré, A., Aminian, K., Wolf, A., (2017). Bone Orientation and Position Estimation Errors Using Cosserat Point Elements and Least Squares methods: Application to Gait. Journal of Biomechanics, 62, 110-116.
  • Rubin, M.B. and Solav, D., (2016). Unphysical Properties of the Rotation Tensor Estimated by Least Squares Optimization with Specific Application to Biomechanics. International Journal of Engineering Science, 103, 11-18.
  • Solav, D., Rubin, M.B., Cereatti, A., Camomilla, V., Wolf, A., (2015). Bone Pose estimation in the presence of Soft Tissue Artifact using Triangular Cosserat Point Elements. Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 44(4), 1181-1190.
  • Solav, D., Rubin, M.B., Wolf, A., (2014). Soft Tissue Artifact compensation using Triangular Cosserat Point Elements (TCPEs). International Journal of Engineering Science, 85, 1-9.