Micro and Nano Mechanics of Materials

Laboratory Head: Professor Doron Shilo
Location: DK, 2nd. floor
Phone: 04-8295911

The research in the Laboratory for Micro- and Nano-Mechanics of Materials focuses on “smart” materials (i.e., materials that inherently function as motors or sensors) and biogenic materials (i.e., materials produced by living organisms). Of particular interest are multi-disciplinary problems in which the material mechanics aspect is coupled with electric, magnetic or chemical effects. All these effects involve sub-processes that occur at small time and length scales. The lab designs and builds innovative new experimental instruments and methods that provide unique and vital information on the mechanics of materials at the nano- and micro-levels. Applications for the types of materials studied in the lab include use in the aircraft, spacecraft, and automotive industries; structural systems, and biomedicine.

An overview of the lab
An overview of the lab
  • A unique instrument for tensile testing of micro- and nano-devices

    A unique instrument for tensile testing of micro- and nano-devices, which allows the simulation of a wide variety of application conditions (e.g., different temperatures and different loading rates)