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  • 1986 - D.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Central Automobile and Automotive Engines Research Institute (NAMI), Moscow, USSR
  • 1980 - M.Sc. (Summa Cum Laude), Mechanical Engineering, Moscow Automotive Mechanical Institute, USSR

Research Interests

  • Advanced propulsion systems;
  • Combustion in Internal Combustion Engines;
  • Internal combustion engines for UAV;
  • Alternative fuels;
  • Fuel atomization;
  • Energy and environmental impacts of vehicles

Guest Appointments

  • 2003 - Visiting Scientist, Environmental Studies & Testing Laboratory, TNO Automotive, Delft, the Netherlands

Public Professional Activities

  • 2013 - Chairman, Third Conference on Propulsion Technologies for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • 2013 - Guest Editor, Special Issue on Low Carbon and Energy Efficient Road Vehicles, Energy and Power journal
  • 2012 - present - Editorial Board Member, American Journal of Mechanical Engineering
  • 2012 - Member, Judging Committee, Establishment of Knowledge Center in Development of Oil Replacement for Transportation, Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology
  • 2010 - present - Member (Technion representative), Technical Committee 1317 on Electric Vehicle, the Standards Institution of Israel
  • 2003 - present - Member, National Steering Committee on Automotive Engineering, Israeli Engineers Chamber
  • 2002 - 2005 - Member (Israeli representative), EU COST 346 Action "Emissions and Fuel Consumption from Heavy Duty Vehicles" Management Committee, Appointed by the Ministry of Science
  • 2001 - Israeli representative at the EU PREMTECH (Advanced propulsion systems and emission reduction technologies) final dissemination event. Appointed by the Ministry of Transportation

Membership in Professional Societies

  • SAE - International Society of Automotive Engineers
  • ISEEQS - Israel Society for Ecology and Environmental Quality Sciences

Honors and Awards

  • 2013 - Excellence in Teaching, Technion, Citation
  • 2012 - Excellence in Teaching, Technion, Citation
  • 2010 - Excellence in Teaching, Technion, Citation
  • 1998 - Science on Service of Environment - Leading Research Projects in the field. Israeli Ministry of Environment, Special Jubilee edition of selected studies (together with Y. Zvirin, M. Gutman, E. Golgotiu, Y. Aleinikov)

  • L. Tartakovsky, V. Baibikov, M. Veinblat: Comparative performance analysis of SI engine fueled by ethanol and methanol reforming products. SAE Technical Paper No. 2013-01-2617, October 2013.
  • L. Tartakovsky, M. Gutman, D. Popescu, M. Shapiro: Comparative analysis of energy and environmental impacts of urban buses and passenger cars. Environment and Pollution 2(3): 81-91, 2013.
  • Y. Shukhman, V. Baibikov, A. Marmur, M. Veinblat, L. Tartakovsky: Internal combustion engine response to presence of combustion inhibitors in the ambient air. SAE Int. J. Engines 6(2): 1138-1144, 2013.
  • L. Tartakovsky, V. Baibikov, J. Czerwinski, M. Gutman, M. Kasper, D. Popescu, M. Veinblat, Y. Zvirin: In-vehicle particle air pollution and its mitigation. Atmospheric Environment 64: 320-328, 2013.
  • L. Tartakovsky, A. Mosyak, Y. Zvirin: Energy analysis of ethanol steam reforming for internal combustion engine. International Journal of Energy Research 37: 259-267, 2013.
  • L. Tartakovsky, V. Baibikov, M. Gutman, M. Veinblat, J. Reif: Simulation of Wankel engine Performance Using a Commercial Software for Piston Engines. SAE Technical Paper No. 2012-32-0098, October 2012.
  • L. Tartakovsky, B. Aronov, Y. Zvirin: Modeling the regeneration processes in diesel particulate filters. Energy and Power 2(5): 96-106, 2012.
  • L. Tartakovsky, Baibikov, V., Veinblat, M., Popescu, D., Zvirin, Y., Gutman, M.: Mileage Influence on Conversion Efficiency of Catalytic Converter from In-Use Vehicles. SAE Int. J. Engines 5(4): 1617-1623, 2012.
  • L. Tartakovsky, V. Baibikov, M. Gutman, A. Mosyak, M. Veinblat: Performance analysis of SI engine fueled by ethanol steam reforming products. SAE Technical Paper No. 2011-01-1992, 10 p., September 2011.

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