Control with Intermittent Communication

Location: the seminar will be given by zoom :
Lecturer: Maor Braksmayer
1:00 pm

Analysis and design of sampled-data systems with intermittent feedback is motivated by the contemporary trend to distribute information processing in many networked control applications. In this seminar I will present my research on the stabilization, optimization and implementation of discrete (or discretized) linear systems with intermittent, unknown a priori information exchange between sensor- and actuator-side parts of the controller. The talk will be focused on the following results:

  • stabilization in intermittent systems with constrained analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion mechanisms
  • optimal  and  intermittent controllers
  • implementation architecture over unreliable networks
  • effects of the variability of the sampling rate on the attainable optimal cost

The derived results are nonconservative, computationally simple, digitally implementable and transparent. Furthermore, these results offer a valuable insight into control over communication networks

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