Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction Laboratory

Laboratory Head: Professor Oded Gottlieb & Professor David Degani
Location: LD, 345A
Phone: 829-3158

The Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction Laboratory focuses on combined asymptotic and finite-difference numerical methods for solution of coupled nonlinear rigid-body and elastic structures in laminar flow fields. Research topics include:

  1. Stability of flow around slender bodies at high angles of attack,
  2. Energy harvesting from fluid-structure interaction and vortex-induced vibration of elastically restrained structures,
  3. Stabilizing high angle-of-attack slender-body maneuvers in severe environmental conditions.
fsi pitch chaos
Chaotic fluid-structure interaction of restrained pitch dynamics in laminar flow


  • helicity contours slender body

    Helicity density contours for a fixed ogive-cylinder at angles-of-attack of 20 deg (top), 40 deg (middle) and 65 deg (bottom).