Combustion, Pyrolysis and Gasification Laboratory

Laboratory Head: Prof. J. Dayan
Location: Energy Bldg.
Phone: 04-8292091

The Combustion, Pyrolysis and Gasification Laboratory (CPG Lab) conducts investigations leading to the development of methods and processes for extracting energy and fuels from renewable sources. Higher efficiency ways of utilizing organic waste and conventional low-grade fossil fuels are also sought in order to mitigate pollution by GH gases and to protect the environment.

The research group includes Em. Prof. J. Dayan and Em. Prof. E. Elias. The facilities of the Laboratory include air compressors, steam generation facility and gas burners as well as electronic and computer equipment for monitoring and control the experimental test rigs. Because of the nature of the experimental work and the size of the semi-industrial pilot rigs, being built and tested, these “hot” testing rigs are constructed and operated on an external tower, adjacent to the Energy Center building.

The main current research topics include biomass gasification for the production of synthesis gas (from which ordinary fuels are made or hydrogen is extracted) and the development of fast, high capacity fluidized bed combustion of organic waste and low grade fossil fuels. A new two-chamber biomass and low grade fuel gasifier is about to emerge…

During the past few years, the group has conducted experimental and theoretical investigations in cooperation with researchers from the Technion’s Chemistry Faculty and from the Mechanical Engineering Department of The Tel-Aviv University. These researches were supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology and by the Ministry of Energy.