Aerosol Research Laboratory

Laboratory Head: Prof. A. Oron
Location: LD Bldg.
Phone: 04-8293266

The Laboratory for Aerosol Research conducts basic and applied investigations of aerosols and closely related phenomena.
The permanent Aerosol research group includes Prof. Em. C. Gutfinger, Prof. A. Oron, Dr. M. Fichman and Dr. L. Moldavsky. The facilities of the Laboratory include a clean room of class 10, particle and smoke generators and counters, an acoustic wave generator and amplifier, acoustic intensity and frequency sensors and an acoustic intensity meter.

The main research topics include aerosol mechanics, filtration theory, pollution control technology, and gas-solid two-phase flows. During the last five years, members of the group authored about forty papers and presentations at conferences in many aspects of aerosol science. Brief summary of main research is given below.

Aerosol mechanics and filtration theory: Research is conducted on acoustic enhancement of filtration efficiency, including studying gas oscillations and particle behavior in resonance tubes and effect of acoustic waves on performance of fibrous aerosol filters.

Pollution control technology: The main directions of research have been application of gas absorption by liquid drops to pollution control technology and use of electrical agglomeration for filtration of nano-particle emissions from diesel engines.

Gas-solid two-phase flows: Recent work concentrated on studying the interaction of periodic shock waves with aerosol particles and on investigating fluidized bed stability.

Liquid film flow on externally perturbed surfaces: Recent work concentrated on investigation of liquid film flow on various surfaces performing harmonic oscillations, such as a vertical cylindrical surface performing axial oscillations; a horizontal planar surface performing both tangential and normal oscillations

  • Gate-explosives

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