Prizes and Fellowship Ceremony

Prizes and Fellowship Awarding Ceremony was held on Tuesday, May 24th, 2016 to honor excellent undergraduate and graduate students.

The following awards and fellowships were awarded to the students:

The David and Olga Pnueli Prize Fund:
Dr. Hanns Mueller Vahl, Mr. Shmuel Katz

The Aharon Barazani and Ovadia Barazani Memorial Scholarship Fund:
Mr. Aviv Tohar and Mr. Gil Elbaz

The Roland Weill Prize:
Mr. Uriel Halbani, Mr. Hilel Bunis, and Mr. Israel Schelheim

The Prof. Mark Darlow Prize in Mechatronics:
Mark Goldman, Amit Levi-Yammamori, Gilad Palmon, and Shir Rorberg

The Ehud Yaron Prize for Excellent Students:
Mr. Avi Cohen, Mr. Eviatar Madmon, Mr. Eliyashav Bokobza

The  Nadav Shoham Memorial Fund:
Dr. Uriel Barzilay

The Sidney and Beatrice Wolberg Fund:
Mr. Yaron Gilboa, Mr. Bar Danino, Mr. Royi Getz, Mr. Yoav Vered

The HP Excellence Fellowship:
Dr. Leah Beilkin, Dr. Sergey Rubinsky, Dr. Shay Shmulevich

The Arthur Shavit Prize:
Dr. Yoav Green

The Arie and Rebecca Shostakovsky Prize:
Mr. Nathaniel Ganor, Mr.Roman Kosinsky

The Gisela Brunnehild Prize:
Oleg Volodarsky, May (Michal) Ben David, Nadav Yitzhak, Dror Ref, Bracha Seba

The KLA Excellence Fellowship:
Dr. Elhanan Maguid, Dr. Amit Dolev

The ceremony was held at the D. Dan and Betty Kahn Building; Assoc. Prof. Alon Wolf serving as MC.  Prof. Yoram Halevi, Dean of the Faculty, Faculty and Administrative Staff attended the ceremony.

Photos from the event